Identifying Pantry Moths

How do I know if I have Pantry Moths?

There are four types of Pantry Moth to look our for within your kitchen: Mediterranean, Indian, Brown House & White Shouldered.

All will settle where there is a supply of food, resulting in an infestation where larvae can soon become a serious problem. With a single female able to lay up to 600 eggs an infestation if left untreated can result in the expense of food wastage, as well as hygiene issues for your family.

Follow this 10-step guide on Pantry Moth Prevention.

Click on the images below for more information about each species.

Exercise caution when treating an area where pantry moths are evident. Only products found within our Pantry Moth Treatments category should be used in kitchens.

We have developed a Pantry Moth Killer Kit specifically for this purpose and it comes to you with a clear and simple to follow guide, as well as a 5% discount.

“Mediterranean pantry  moth
Mediterranean Pantry Moth
Indian meal moth
Indian Meal Moth
Brown House Moth
White Shouldered House Moth


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