Moth Infestations

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Moth Infestations commonly occur in warm and higher humidity conditions where the adult moths find their way into homes and the female moths lay eggs in suitable locations for the development of their larvae.

What attracts moths

The ‘right’ conditions for a moth infestation include absence of strong light, a reasonable degree of humidity, and suitable materials to ensure a food source for the emerging larvae, and hence a potential site for moth infestations.

Food is the crucial issue for the larvae to survive – being adept at converting the proteins found in keratin into food, larvae are most in home on clothing, upholstery and carpets made of natural fibers.  Animal hair contains keratin, so wool and cashmere are the preferred food sources.

Alternatively, our food storage provides another opportunity to harbour moth infestations, particularly from the Mediterranean Food Moth and the Indian Meal Moth.

How do you treat a moth infestation?

Moth damage to natural fibers

Hygiene and secure food storage are the start points for minimising the risk of moth infestations. 

Soiled clothes, even with perspiration from one or two times usage, food or drink spillages superficially cleaned off, and human hair on garments or on carpets also increase the risk of moth infestations in the home. 

Open packs of flour, sugar or seeds / cereals are risk points for an occurrence of Pantry Moths

Once established, moths can be difficult to completely eradicate because the larvae can travel considerable distances and the eggs are very, very small, and hence difficult to spot. 

Female moths can lay up to 600 eggs so the rate of infestations can grow remarkably quickly from the presence of one or two adult moths in the home. 

Adult clothing moths and pantry moths are also relatively small and so can easily go undetected, especially because they differ from the other, larger, moth varieties that are attracted to lights at night and more commonly recalled in the domestic environment. provides a number of solutions to both eradicate moths and their larvae, as well as preventing further moth damage to your clothing.

For severe infestations by moths and elimination, check out our range for Clothes Moth Repellents, Carpet Moth Kits and Pantry Moth Control Sets

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