Signs of Moth Problems

Clothes Moths

Clothes MothsUnfortunately the first sign of a Clothes Moth problem is normally damaged clothing. However, it is sometimes the eggs and larvae that are noticed first or adult moths themselves.

Clothing damage will most frequently occur in knitwear (commonly wool, cashmere, alpaca or angora), silk or leather garments.  The damage will present itself as irregular ‘holes’ in clothing and the size of the holes will depend on how long moth larvae have been left undisturbed to eat the protein based fibers. It is sometimes the case that non-protein based garments are attacked.  This normally happens when garments that are stained with food or perspiration are left. Damp garments are also at risk! Clothing moth damage can occur in drawers, closets and cupboards – moths are indiscriminate. 

Clothes moth life cycleSpotting the actual presence of moths in their 3 different forms requires vigilance – the eggs are tiny (typically c0.5mm long) and the moth larvae several millimetres long at first, but growing as they develop.  The adult moth form is usually 1.5cm long and is obviously easier to spot in flight, but because it is also very small it is able to get into tight crevices in your clothing storage areas.  Moths prefer to lay their eggs in dark, undisturbed areas – check corners of drawers and closets, baseboards and architraves etc. 

Moth DamageWith central heating being so common, signs of moth problems may present themselves at any time of the year with the breeding cycle being extended all year round. If the weather or your house is particularly cold at a particular time, it is merely likely to slow the lifecycle stages but extend the damaging larvae stage. 

Picture of Clothes Moth Damage and Webbing CasesTo understand the best approach to controlling clothes moth damage, please read our 10 Steps To Clothes Moth Prevention. offers you the Proven Range for Clothes Moth Control. We've worked closely with our Suppliers to bring you a focused range of products that will focus on getting rid of moths in your home, and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Carpet Moths

Signs of carpet moths may be in terms of damage to rugs and carpets, or the moths themselves, probably most likely at the larvae stage.

Carpet moth damage will be more prevalent in the softer pile rather than the hard webbing that holds the carpet together – ‘threadbare’ patches or holes will be the consequence.  The most likely targets will be wool carpets or rugs and silk rugs. Moths prefer darker and undisturbed areas to lay their eggs and for larvae to feed.  Consequently, under furniture or along baseboards are the most common locations to find carpet moth damage.  Likewise, rooms that are used infrequently are also at a higher risk of moth infestation.

The moths themselves have similar life cycles to clothes moths – see our Carpet Moth Identification Guide for more details.  The larvae may be difficult to spot in coloured carpet pile because they can take on the colour of the fibres that they have eaten.

Pantry Moths

Signs of a pantry moth infestation may be difficult to spot at the egg stage, but the larvae will be more evident, as will adult moths flying in the kitchen.

Pantry moths will typically find open packets of dried foodstuffs - such as flour, cereal and grains and the larvae will be white or pick, possibly with a dark head depending on the particular variety of Pantry moth (there are 3 types!) – see our Pantry Moth Identification Guide.

Moth Traps

Moth pheromone traps provide a way of detecting signs of adult moth activity in your home:

Clothes Moth Traps – where the sticky pheromone strips can be replaced to extend the life of the traps

Pantry Moth Traps – special pheromone traps that are safe to use in the kitchen

Carpet Moth Traps - use where you have seen sightings of moths and/or larvae to capture the male moths and break the breeding cycle

Moth traps also act to break the breeding cycle by attracting and trapping the male adult moth so they offer more than just monitoring.

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